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From:  Remedy^red 
Date:  December 11, 2007 -- 03:49:19 PM
To:  Mishi~Ragdoll 
 Subject:  wut popin ma 
Message:    oh ok bet i made dis just for u Miss butter pecan caramel southern bell u hotter than a summer day in hell I'm under your spell, u say your name is tale short-of like story tale you say got a man, i can't tell because when we be rockin' we get it poppin like a Amsted, like right up in the hotel, maybe the stairwell you blows kisses to my handheld you an angel your name should be An-gel ' I'm blessed 'I kill you wit the rich man smell you got a wet manhole and ya mans fell whoa i slipped and i inkwells i saw jelly fishes seashells, no further details i love the smell of a female and you're one hell of a female I'm tellin' you female get in the cl and let it be sweet sailin' and late night e-mailin, i called you on a late night it was late right i was on your ass like some brake-lights but i ain't stop for the red-light we get it poppin' till the blue and red lights come knockin' neighbors keep trippin, we keep fuckin sex revolution, baby I'm comin down the hallway that lead to your stomach, mami I’m keep pumpin till you scream young money and me and you're boyfriend is not the same i goes down like the stock exchange, and the I bring it up 'excuse me, i drink it up, i leave you soakin' wet from ya ankle up shucks  

This dude totally grossed me out...
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Dude, what the fuck? D: