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.....I'm Not Single, You Illiterate Douche

From: Davis
Date: Jun 10, 2007 6:14 AM

How u doing,it's nice to read ur profile,u are so interesting,cant wait to get to know u better,i have some pic i can send to ur life's so simple and i am a very gentle man,i have a son that i love so very much,i need someone i can love always and always make each other happy and always spend a joyful moment together, someone i can always treat the way i could treat myself and my son too,it's very hard to fine the true and real love,i guess you know, cuz it tells from the mind from the first time two people meet each other and start with friendship.they will have know from there maybe something good will come out of there friendship,am very caring,kind,understanding,outgoing person,lovely,passionate,romantic,and i love playing with pet and watching football.i like to spend most of my time with my woman,and also like going out for shopping with my woman also,but it has been a long time i have do that,i have been always lonely all the time ever since i have got divorced for 5yrs ago.well,i can not wait to hear back from u,u can add me on yahoo IM,,so we can get to chat and know more about each's really nice meeting u here,am so happy right now,so u take good care of urself and also feel much happy as i am to u right now .have a nice day,i will be so happy to get to know u better and see maybe things can work out btw us,God bless you.bye.Davis

My response:

RE: Hi sweetie

If you had read my profile instead of just stroking your dick to my pictures, you'd have noticed that I'm in a relationship.

There is nothing romantic or sexy about men who fail to notice that.
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