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Myspace Messages

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Important Myspace information.

This is a community where you can share hilarious messages sent to you by random clueless assholes from Myspace.com. Feel free to rant about them as much as you want. The mods reserve the right to change the rules at anytime or delete unwanted/off topic posts, so make sure it's gonna make us laugh. Kthx.

We have four basic rules:

1. You must include a link to the profile of the person who sent you the message.

2. We are only here to laugh at and pick on the idiots that have sent us messages on Myspace, not the people who are sharing the messages they recieved. Sending a negative comment to anyone posting here (and deleting it also) may get you booted, so don't do it.

3. If you came here to get add's on your Myspace profile, prepare to be flamed. xxxLiek OMG u gUyZ dIs iZnT nO AddiNg cOmmUniTy LOLzerzsk8z Werd!!!!!!1111xxx Go somewhere else for that! If you include a link to your own page, you will be asked to edit your entry after we call you on it. Non-compliance by the following day, will result in your entry being promptly deleted. No exceptions.

4. ABSOLUTE NO SPAMMING WILL BE TOLERATED. If you get a message from someone promoting something and you find them and their myspace profile amusing, that's one thing...but DO NOT advertise for them on this list. Please "x" out part of any URL's they sent you so no one else can go there. If there is nothing funny about their profile or the message, we probably don't care. Other myspace info may be shared with the list, but keep it brief and make sure it's something really interesting.