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LOL argument

So I might get looked down upon for basically posting an argument on Myspace but it's a rather silly argument for the guy who started it's conversations are just so untrue that it is amusing.

Little Background: I met this 29 year-old who thinks it's the 1960s (yet a lot of his morals are very anti-1960s) at a party on the fourth of July. He stated the first night he met me that he liked me, however he is completely obsessed with his ex. The last time I talked to him was July 12thish and I sent him a message that wasn't intentionally harsh but made him stop talking to me. Then a month later, randomly he messages me just like he did after he met me on the fourth of July. Here it goes....

8/30/2009 2:14 AM
To: you got served
(subject:Farm animals fart)

YOU NEVER TALK TO YOUR BROTHER ANYMORE! you've been adopted and you don't even know it. you missed the best pool party today! and now i smell like pool and sun and hot dogs and umm finger paint?!? and i just got back from watchin' wounded lion and have dance bunyons on my big toe. anyhoo, you should go see inglorious bastards with me.

My reply:

I hate violent films and I have a boyfriend.
his reply:
violence can be fun, don't be so pretentious. i didn't ask if you wanted to come spit in my mouth, you are impossible.
my reply:
Funny, I was going to say the same thing.
In case you aren't aware, when someone is seeing someone else they do not go on dates with other guys it's something called consideration.

What the hell is with you male musicians from San Francisco who blame women for all your problems? It's not us who are committing the crimes time.
his reply:
blame women for all our problems? ahhahaha i was asking you to hang out, as i've been this entire time, because when we first met you said you didn't have many friends. it's no fun being new in a city and not having many friends. after asking you to hang out a few times and not really getting a response i figured you were kinda thinking i was going for the boyfriend bit and laid off. then i heard from two of my closest friends that you had asked about me... i thought "well i'll give it one last try". i assumed you wanted to hang out, how silly of me. maybe i should have said "hey me and a few of my friends are going to see this movie, it's going to be alot of fun...there will be no attempt to suck your face or put my hand down your pants".

*Funny thiing is he never made any real attempts to have a friendship with me...ever.
my reply:
That story is a complete load of bullshit and I hardly doubt that was your intention at all from the beginning. I'm not stupid. "Rejection sucks" sure, but no need to cover it up with false stories and lies in attempt to make the other person feel bad.

Plus I am very busy with school right now and don't have the time or money to waste 13 dollars on a film when I should be home doing homework and using that money for food.

By the way, how very random of you to message me out of the blue to "hang out" when the last time I attempted to be friendly and say "Hi" you basically ignored me.

By the way it's A LOT not "alot"
his reply and attempt at winning the conversation (too bad he didn't):

If you want to believe that i was madly in love with you, then please go right ahead. I'm not exactly sure how you got to that conclusion but you can think it all you want. perhaps you are so madly in love with yourself that you assume everyone else is as well? why is it "a complete load of bullshit?" what have i done that would lead you to beleive this to be false?

well I'm glad all that expensive education is helping you become so attentive to other's email grammar. we all know that fantastic grammar is a sure sign of a intelligent, level headed, calm, collected individual. surely someone with these terrific grammer abilities would never jump to conclusions, make assumptions, or project false accusations on someone they barely even know.

i'm honestly done with this conversation...if you want the last word then go right ahead.
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