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Oh, look! Personal contact info...

James sez:


My name is Jim. I was browsing through the profiles when I came upon yours. You seem like the type of person I would get along with, so I wanted to introduce myself to you. I would also like to give you my phone number, 847-931-2938, just to give us another option for communication. Personally, I prefer talking on the phone when getting to know another person as we can have a much more spontaneous, personable conversation via the telephone than that through a computer. You are also welcome to communicate with me via my email address. It is single_white_man42@yahoo.com … Unfortunately, my previous myspace account was not functioning properly, so I was not able to receive any incoming messages and was not sure of the status of messages that I had sent. I am resending this introduction to you to spark your memory if you received my original email, or in case you didn’t receive it in the first place. Take care and hope to hear from you soon- Jim…PS. This is not a scam and I am not going to ask you for money or anything of the kind,,lol. I am just a good man looking for a good woman to spend time with dancing, movies, walks, dinner,,etc. It would be great to have a person to do things with now that Summer is on its way, Hopfully,,lol.

Oh lordy lordy lordy. Someone please stop me. Cannot. Crank. Call. Seriously, where do these freaks come from, eh?
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