teresita (zorandra) wrote in myspacemessages,

Yet another freak. Oh, how I love teh internets.

Geo writes:

Date: Apr 6, 2007 3:31 PM

whats up sexy... ur hot do u need some luvin???

Yes, please. I do need some luvin. And could you make sure to bring that Camel extra wide you got dangling from between your lips, too? It just compliments those tinted glasses and mullet in a way that words cannot.

Someone please contain before I burst with excitement. How could I be so lucky?!? I love a man that does not mince words. And has images of smurfs sucking on nipples.

How is it possible that this creature is in the same species as me? Let alone the same genus? And sadly, he has already procreated. Is it possible to stop him now before he does again?
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