A Prime Example of Fine German Engineering (girlvixxxen) wrote in myspacemessages,
A Prime Example of Fine German Engineering

Is this even English?

From Teflon
wuz good ma?? jus chillin wit my cousin. we both lookin at yo pic like dammmmmm she sexy as hell!! we both wonderin what yo body look like without those clothes?? is that possible fa us to find out?? r u truly single?? is so....for how long?? we tryin to find out whats good wit u?? how long have u been fuckin wit women?? have u eva had a threesome?? if u wanna have a good time ...b sho to holla back at us asap....and we got pics....wuz good ma?? aint neither one of us eva had a threesome....can we find out how that is?? get back at us as soon as u get time aiight?? we tryin to fuck tonight...wuz good ma. we ova here fucked up off tha vodka and weed and lookin fa some fun....do u wanna join us....tha night is still young...get back at us asap and let us know what u wanna do ....we'll b waitin....what it do beautiful??? jus think of it this way....two dicks fa tha price of one...and there aint really no price....unless u consider havin plenty orgasms a price
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